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It’s not just what you’re wearing; it’s who you are. Caroline Earleywine's Lesbian Fashion Struggles breaks the cycle of history’s tight-lipped queer mouth and clears out the South’s closet of its “sleeves empty with possibility.” These poems are a reckoning of her queer self, first as she comes out, and then as an out and married high school English teacher in Arkansas where others have been fired for loving openly. As political as every queer life is, it’s the happiness of finding, being, and loving yourself, it’s that promise, for those of us who still need to hear or to be reminded, that it will get better.


“Caroline Earleywine has written the book so many of us needed when we were younger. Nuanced, accessible, and gorgeous at once—Lesbian Fashion Struggles reads as a poetic field guide for being femme, queer, blonde, and presumed straight in Arkansas. This book is bravery in verse.”


— Megan Falley, author of Drive Here and Devastate Me