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Previously Published Works


SWWIM Every Day

I Now Pronounce You

Lavender Review

I Read that to Love Someone Long Term is to Attend a Thousand Funerals of the People They Used to Be

Porcupine Literary
Scientists Say the Titanic Will Disappear in 20 Years


​Things That Could Be Said AboutBoth Divorce And Leaving Teaching 

Screen Door Review

When You Decided the Peach Tree that Produced No Fruit and Took Up the Sunniest Spot of the Yard Had to Go
When my mother was born, she was already carrying the egg that would become me
The First Time
Ode to My Heart


Sometimes I Feel Sorry for the Clothes I Buy

My Grandmother Gives Me Her Approval Nine Years After Her Death

All the Closeted Characters From My Childhood March in a Pride Parade

And You Can Use My Skin / To Bury Secrets In

Brave Voices

The Only Girl Out At My High School

ThimbleLesbian Shoes

NAILED Magazine


Granddaddy’s Closet

Ode to Flannel

Doing My Mother’s Makeup

Self-Portrait as a Hayley Kiyoko Music Video

SWWIM Every Day

Lesbian Fashion Struggles

Porcupine Literary

On Being a Closeted Teacher

NAILED Magazine

Halloween is the Queer Christmas

Ode to the Word Lesbian

On the Drive Home from the Transgender
Day of Visibility Celebration, We Pull Over

Femme Invisibility


Nimrod International Journal


What If Our Love Wasn't

Bible Belt Gay

Ode to My Wife's Gender

When I Think of Parenthood

Stonewall Fifty, Sibling Rivalry


The Idle Class

Teaching High School: A Google Search History

Bible Belt Queers

Where I Come From

Preposition: The Undercurrent Anthology

June 26th, 2015

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